Family Profiles: Risks, resources, and inequalities


This first working paper from rEUsilience unpacks how the concept of resilience is being used in EU policy terms, noting how there is a lack of a clear conceptualisation of how it applies to families. rEUsilience aims to advance this by understanding how social policies can foster family resilience. To do this, it is important that European social surveys provide the tools to effectively monitor the realities of families: their profiles (in and beyond the household) and how risks, resources, and inequalities combine in how families navigate socio-economic shocks. This text evaluates these social surveys (EUSILC, EQLS, HFCS, HBS, and ESS) by exposing gaps and proposing recommendations for development.

Authors: Alzbeta Bartova, Max Thaning, Wim Van Lancker, Lovisa Backman, Rense Nieuwenhuis

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