Advisory board

Bea Cantillon

Professor of Social Policy at the University of Antwerp.

Neil Gilbert

Professor of Social Welfare and social services at UC Berkeley.

Jill Rubery

Professor of at the University of Manchester focusing on comparative employment systems with a focus on gender.

Emanuele Ferragina (Science Po)

Associate Professor of Sociology at the Research Centre on Social Inequalities at Science Po.

Trudie Knijn

Emeritus Professor of social and behavioural sciences at Utrecht University.

Dominic Richardson

Chief of Social Policy and Economic Analysis at the UNICEF Office of Research- Innocenti.

Jolanta Reingaarde

Senior Researcher/Analyst at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).

Maria Jepsen

Deputy Director of the EU agency on social, employment, and work related policies (Eurofound).

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